About Us

Vision Site is well-equipped for your Kilgore, TX, vision care needs. Dr. King’s practice has a variety of diagnostic equipment that may not be available on some routine vision exams.  Dr. King routinely does fundus (retinal) photos on every eye exam at no additional charge for this screening photo.

Dr. Jerry King, OD, your Vision Site optometrist in Kilgore, TX, believes in providing thorough eye exams, whether you simply need routine eye glasses in Kilgore, TX, or treatment for an eye disorder or disease and need a Kilgore, TX, therapeutic optometrist.

The reason Dr. King O.D.  routinely take retinal photos on every patient as a screening on every patient exam. This allows us to check for diabetic changes, hypertension changes, macular degeneration, and other abnormal changes in the retina. Dr. King’s staff can also email these photos to other specialists if need be. This instrument is especially helpful in monitoring changes in diabetes, hypertension, and possible conditions affecting the optic nerve such as glaucoma. At our Kilgore, TX eye care offices, we have several other diagnostics tests we run on all our patients, such as color vision testing, auto-refraction (for a starting point objective to determining the eye glass prescription), non-contact tonometry to measure the intra ocular pressure for possible glaucoma, and field screening instruments to check for any loss in the vision field (periphery), as well as others.

In the event of abnormal pressures inside the eye we can further test by an instrument called a pachymeter, which measures the corneal thickness. Sometimes a thicker than normal cornea can lead to false high readings and similarly a thin cornea can lead to false low readings of the pressure inside the eye. This prevents unnecessary and costly referrals and also allows us to not miss possible glaucoma though the pressure may appear normal.  Many offices do not possess this testing. This is only done if findings in pressure or optic nerve appear abnormal.

If you’re looking for a doctor in Kilgore, TX, to diagnose and treat conjunctivitis resulting in a red or pink eye, Vision Site is there to serve you.  Dr. King can also remove metal and foreign bodies from the cornea and make sure that there is no infection or complications. Myopia (near sighted), astigmatism. presbyopia(age related loss of near vision), hypermetropia (far sightedness), and other refractive conditions can readily diagnosed and the proper eye care and eye wear prescription dispensed to you.

Also we are able to diagnose and manage some glaucoma cases. We endeavor to determine the cause of any reduced vision and remedy that to the best of our abilities. If the condition such as cataracts is beyond the scope of our practice we have several ophthalmological practices which we refer conditions to for further treatment and diagnosis if that will help restore the patient’s vision to their fullest achievable vision.  Our mission statement and creed is: “Next to life itself, God’s greatest gift is sight and to the preservation of this gift we faithfully and sincerely dedicate our efforts.”

We have two exam rooms and computerized technology allowing us to determine patient’s vision and insurance plans and to file on them quickly and efficiently.  We take some Medicaid, Spectera, Davis Vision, Superior Vision, and some other vision plans. We can do medical eye exams under BlueCross BlueShield and United Healthcare. Our self-pay fees are reasonable and we give out professional and honest advice based on 30-plus years of experience in the eye care industry.  We try not to mislead or give false impressions with regard to contact lens wear or promise success that can’t be achieved, but give a realistic explanation of benefits that can be expected through various options.

Dr. King graduated from Howe High School in 1961. He attended North Texas State University and graduated from NTSU in 1965. He taught mathematics in high school for several years and also graduate school in mathematics.

In 1977 Dr. King was accepted into the University of Houston College of Optometry program. He graduated in 1981 with a doctor of optometry degree. At that time there were only 13 colleges of optometry in the US.

  • Dr. King went back and studied to become therapeutically certified in 1988.
  • Dr. King also increased his scope of practice by becoming a glaucoma certified doctor in 1999.
  • Dr. King is a past president of the East Texas Optometric Society.
  • Dr. King can perform a vision exam in Spanish.

After having practiced optometry for a number of years in Houston, Dr. King moved to Longview, Texas, in 1999 and established a practice there.

He also opened a satellite practice in Emory, Texas, and was the only eye doctor in Rains County for 7 years.

Dr. Jerry King, OD is a member of Henderson Lion’s Club and a current member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. King is also an active member of both the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

He is proud to offer his experience and expertise in routine vision exams, eye disease diagnosis and treatment, and fitting of the various types of contact lenses (including gas permeable lens) in Kilgore, TX.

The Vision Site office has two employees in addition to Dr. King: Marcia King, office manager and Rosa Tezcucano.

Rosa Tezcucano is our new optometric assistant who helps with about everything.  She does the pretesting on patients.  She also enters charts into the computer and makes most of our appointments for eye examinations.  She is essential to the smooth functioning of our office and has caught on very quickly.  Also since she is bilingual she is a great help for a lot of our patients.

She enjoys taking care of her family and going on vacations with her husband.  She also enjoys doing volunteer work with her church and spending time with family and friends.  She also worked for 10 years for Henderson ISD as a Spanish/English translator.  We welcome Rosa as a vital part of Vision Site team.

Alex Perez began working for us last October and continues with us this year.  She is entering all of our records on Electronic Health Records software.  This allows us to keep not only a paper chart which could be lost, misfiled, or inadvertently discarded but to have an electronic copy.  An electronic copy can easily be sent by email or other means to your primary care physician if they desire your results from your eye exam.  We also intend to be able to send medical and optical prescriptions directly to your pharmacist or other party that you desire.  This will allow more efficiency and allow us to keep a larger volume of records that are easily accessible when needed.  Alex is going to school at UTexas at Tyler and is in  pre-optometry.  She intends to pursue a career as an optometrist when she completes her college and is accepted at one of the two optometry schools in Texas.  We are pleased to have Alex as a member of our staff.  Alex Perez has 8 years’ experience in optical either as a doctor’s assistant or in the sales of optical goods.  We value her experience as well as her personality.  She is also our IT department so if we have a computer issue we ask for Alex’s help.

Vision Site is conveniently located at two Wal-Mart locations in East Texas. Our Henderson office is on the outside of the Wal-Mart Super Center at 2121 Highway 79 S. in Henderson, Texas. Our phone number is 903-657-2020 and we are open Mondays and Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our Kilgore office is on the outside of the Wal-Mart Super Center at 1201 Stone St. Kilgore, TX and we are open Tuesday 9:30-5 and Thursday by appointment.

If you’re looking for a complete and thorough eye exam or eye care in Kilgore, TX, eye care, call Vision Site today at 903-657-2020.